Walking Wooden Stick

Decade > Pre 1890 (1/22)

  • Wooden Cane Bat Carved Handle And Staff Wood Walking Stick Hand Carved Hiking St
  • New Wooden Walking Stick Cane
  • Walking Stick Wooden Carved Big Nose Gentlemen Cane Carved Head Handle
  • Hand Carved Wood Stylish Walking Stick Knob Handle Designer Wooden Walking Canes
  • Snake Cobra Skull Head Wooden Walking Stick Ergonomic Palm Grip Handle Wood
  • Lot Of 5 Pcs Victorian Brass Silver Handle Wooden Walking Stick Antique Cane New
  • Lot Of 5 Pcs Antique Brass Walking Stick Different Handle Wooden Cane Victorian
  • Eagle And Fish Wooden Walking Stick Cane 37 Inch Handmade Carved Handle Walking
  • Hand Carved Snake Wooden Walking Stick Cobra Walking Cane Unique
  • Best Eagle Head Handle Wood Carved Unique Wooden Walking Stick Cane Gift Style
  • Wooden Carved Goat Walking Stick Cane Carved Goat Head Handle
  • Luxury Derby Carved Hand Handle Wooden Walking Stick Handmade Cane Designer Gift
  • Cobra Walking Walking Stick Wooden Hand Carved Snake Walking Best Cane
  • Walking Stick Natural Wooden Carving Polychromed Moorhen Parasol Cane